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TopForex.Trade is your trusted resource for all things Forex and trading. We created our company to use our years of experience for good: to help beginners and experienced traders find suitable brokers, to guard them against fraud, and expand their enrichment opportunities.
At first, we were privately making broker reviews that fellow traders asked about but then decided to create a website dedicated to reviewing trusted brokers and teaching Forex trading. We pride ourselves on being a team of entirely independent experts whose primary goal is to provide impartial and proven information.

TopForex.Trade is your trusted source of:

Full broker reviews

Our review process is transparent and autonomous. In our work, we take into account dozens of criteria, and the result is an extensive review of the broker’s services, history, and, of course, trustworthiness. Our team of experts puts many hours into market research to provide the most reliable information and the best trading advice.

A convenient list that is easy to navigate

Depending on your needs, you can filter and sort the brokers and choose the one for yourself without having to go through all those brokers’ websites. Filter brokers by country, account types, instruments, payment systems available, even regulators! Skim through the rundown of facts and make your mind up without wasting a single moment. Your time is precious.

Compare brokers

In addition, on our website, you can weigh the conditions of different brokers against each other. This is a great feature for those who already picked their top brokers and are trying to decide among the best.

Educational materials

A trader without their education cannot go far in their trading. This is why we created the ‘Forex Academy’ section on our website. There you will find the essentials of trading. Our articles will help you learn the basics and choose the best broker for your needs, skills, and means.

Regular emails with analytics and trading ideas

Financial markets are infamous for being volatile and prone to change. A successful trader needs to keep track of events to be able to make the right decisions on time. We understand that it may be hard to stay current, so our team of analysts is here to inform you of the most important news and events without overwhelming you with less relevant market noise.

Having an understanding of financial markets and vast trading experience, we can safely say that knowledge is the key to successful trading. That’s why we share our expertise and experience completely free of charge for you. We want traders to feel more confident and know how to avoid fraud.
More About the Team

The project is operated by a team of market experts dedicated to helping traders choose the best brokers for their needs and means. With years in the financial markets, our analysts seek to share their experience and pass the knowledge to traders through our reviews, articles, and market analytics.
We started out as traders and worked for years in the field of finance and banking. We all have received traditional financial education and experienced the market first-hand.
What unites us is the desire to help people learn from our experience, not their own mistakes.