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Development plans of Nigeria have been granted more UN support

Development in Nigeria is supported by the United Nations (UN), citing the need to build on dynamic systems already in place.

Development plans of Nigeria have been granted more UN support

Dr. Reuben Bamidele, Nigeria’s National Program Officer, made this promise during a stakeholders’ consultative conference in Lagos. –

International Organization for Migration (IOM), Lagos State Ministry of Economic, Planning, and Budget; Lagos State House of Assembly; Universities; Media Communities, and Civil Service Organizations were among those in attendance.

There were a lot of stakeholders in this meeting, and they had to make key decisions about how to support the Nigerian government.

It is the commitment of the United Nations to assist the Nigerian administration in developing the country in the right direction and to maintain the country’s peace and security.

“The UN system’s collective response in Nigeria is the cooperative framework. Because of our success in aiding the country and contributing to its economic resurgence, he declared, “We plan to continue our relationship and achieve even greater things in the future.”

It has been shown that the country’s development gaps and high unemployment rates have hampered its progress.

People’s low wages, a lack of social indicators, and widening income inequality are some of the elements that need to alter in order for the country to progress.


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As a result of the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, he stated, “environmental, ecological, and natural resource management remain a concern.”

Olaniran, a professor at the University of Ibadan, emphasized the importance of UN-government collaboration.

In order to avoid duplication, the government and the UN should work jointly. According to him, the cooperation frameworks are necessary so that both parties are able to discover what is and isn’t being done in order to avoid squandering money.

UN Consultative Forum convener Treasure Uchegbu described it as an enlightening experience that allows participants to learn from a wide range of thought leaders.

On behalf of Nigeria, she applauded the effectiveness of UNDP-led development assistance frameworks.

Strengthening relationships across sectors is critical to achieving the four pillars of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): prosperity, planet, people, and peace. United Nations funding must be properly utilized and monitored,” she said.


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