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eToro unveils next-level tools to enhance trader experience

eToro’s latest updates provide unparalleled insights and tools for informed decision-making. From enhanced ETF data to AI-powered marketing, discover how eToro is empowering investors to navigate the financial markets with confidence.

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eToro unveils next-level tools to enhance trader experience

eToro has rolled out a series of enhancements aimed at empowering investors with more comprehensive insights and tools:

Enhanced ETF data: eToro now provides investors with a more detailed view of ETFs. This includes crucial metrics like Expense Ratio, Prospectus Link, and an Annualised Return Chart. The Expense Ratio gives clarity on annual fees in relation to asset value, while the Prospectus Link offers valuable information on the fund’s strategy. The Annualised Return Chart offers a historical performance overview, allowing investors to make more informed decisions about ETF investments.

Upgraded economic calendar: The new Economic Calendar serves as a vital resource for investors, offering insights into key events that impact markets throughout the year. This includes earnings reports, dividend payments, Fed meetings, interest rate updates, elections, and more. Being aware of these significant dates empowers investors to strategize their investments effectively.

Advanced charts for in-depth analysis: The addition of advanced charts equips traders with powerful tools to plan future investments, comprehend price fluctuations, compare assets, and conduct multi-chart analysis. These features are indispensable for making well-informed investment decisions.

Harnessing AI in marketing campaigns: Artificial Intelligence is undeniably the buzzword of the year, permeating various aspects of work. From ChatGPT to MidJourney, AI is reshaping industries. eToro offers tailored marketing materials to help you leverage this trend effectively.

Fintech Copy Portfolio: Introducing the Fin-Tech Smart Portfolio, designed for investors who rely on financial technology companies daily. This portfolio allows you to invest in companies that you already trust and use in your daily life. By doing so, you’re not only investing in businesses that make your life more convenient but also potentially saving time, effort, and money.


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One-click trading for swift transactions: For serious traders, time is of the essence. One-click trading streamlines the process, enabling swift buying and selling of assets with a single click. This feature is especially valuable for capitalizing on short-term price movements and is ideal for busy individuals who need to execute trades promptly.

Dynamic disclaimer widget: A handy tool for maintaining compliance, the Dynamic Disclaimer Widget allows for easy and automated updating of risk warning percentages. This proves particularly beneficial for those managing multiple articles, websites, or pages that require periodic percentage adjustments.

These updates collectively enhance the eToro experience, providing investors with a suite of tools and information to navigate the financial markets more effectively.