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Oman is looking into digital pathology solutions for cancer detection

Crosscope and Waleed Pharmacy have formed a cooperation to deploy Crosscope’s AI-enabled Digital Pathology Solution in Oman.

Oman is looking into digital pathology solutions for cancer detection

Crosscope Inc., a medical AI software firm located in India, has partnered with Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC, a subsidiary of the Omar Zawawi Establishment (OMZEST) group, to deliver healthcare, hospital, and pharmaceutical solutions to Oman.

Crosscope, a provider of AI-enabled digital pathology software, and Waleed Pharmacy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to allow next-generation transformation in the Histopathology Landscape utilizing Crosscope’s AI-enabled digital pathology platform. The collaboration intends to improve the region’s cancer diagnosis landscape.

The alliance intends to offer cutting-edge technological solutions to Oman, including a full Digital Pathology Platform with AI and machine learning technologies for cancer diagnostics. Crosscope Dx, a workflow integrated vendor-agnostic digital pathology platform that offers end-to-end digital pathology solutions with sophisticated workflow features, manages integrated and highly flexible workflow solutions.


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“The professional team at Waleed Pharmacy has a track record of implementing and deploying healthcare IT solutions in the Oman region. “We’ve built synergies to accelerate the development and commercialization of our digital pathology workflows,” said Crosscope CEO Dr. Jayendra Shinde.

Crosscope also plans to collaborate with the region’s most respected key opinion leaders in prestigious hospitals, clinical institutions, diagnostic chains, R&D labs, research organizations, pharma companies, and other organizations in the related space where the company’s products provide clinical value to users.

“Through the combined effort, we will offer best-in-class health IT solutions from around the world to the GCC countries, with a focus on Oman.” Waleed Pharmacy’s General Manager, Pawan Mordani, says The agreement is projected to lessen the burden of cancer disease in Oman while also improving the country’s overall health structure.


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