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Power and compassion in a vanishing industry of Australia

In Australia, these are three of the most fiercely disputed and used expressions of the last decade: fossil fuels, net-zero, and Global warming.

Power and compassion in a vanishing industry of Australia

Fossil fuels. Net-zero. Global warming.

At least in Australia, these are three of the most fiercely debated and often used phrases of the last decade. And people are well aware of the potentially divisive nature of the discourse surrounding these three statements.

However, they begin to go past the partisan mudslinging and realize that there is a worldwide trend away from coal-fired electricity generation and that while the changes may not have a significant impact on the Hunter in the next decade, they will.

This period is full of problems as well as significant opportunities.


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Communities further out into the valley will be impacted by power plant closures and the inevitable slump in mining and related industries in locations like the Hunter.

Many people will be laid unemployed. Some people will never work again, while others will take advantage of this opportunity to work in a new, growing field.

People and organizations in the Hunter, such as Beyond Zero Emissions and the Hunter Jobs Alliance, see the possibilities in this future and are working to ensure that jobs and energy production are not lost.

The NSW Government and projects like the Renewable Energy Zone are helping to assist this, at least in part. However, after speaking with a variety of people about the subject, it is evident that the country requires leadership.

Coal may continue to play a big role in Australian economic destiny for a long time to come, with prices at record highs and exports on the rise.

However, if we look at countries like Germany and speak with experts like Timon Whenert, we can see that now is the moment to begin planning for the inevitable.

Government must play a role in ensuring that workers in this industry, which has been the backbone of our economy for two centuries, are supported in this transition away from coal – to ensure a just transition.


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