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Surfshark VPN latest news and updates 

Surfshark VPN’s latest news and updates: easy access through the Microsoft Store, a complete overhaul of the Chrome 4.0.0 extension code, an update for the macOS app, and enhanced performance for Surfshark VPN’s additional applications.

Surfshark VPN latest news and updates 

Surfshark VPN is now available on the Windows Microsoft Store!

Attention Windows users! Surfshark VPN is now easily accessible through both the Microsoft Store and its dedicated download page. This expansion ensures convenient access for users who may encounter difficulties with alternative channels. Moreover, it provides added security by mitigating risks associated with app impersonation and other malicious activities.

Complete rewrite of its Chrome extension code

Surfshark VPN has announced a complete overhaul of the Chrome 4.0.0 extension code to bring it in line with the latest Chrome Extensions Manifest V3. This new framework emphasizes enhanced security, privacy-centric features, improved performance, and an overall superior user experience.


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Major update for the macOS app

The latest macOS 4.9.2 update lets you control Surfshark VPN with voice commands or the Shortcuts app, making it easy to pause, connect, and disconnect. You can take advantage of the Siri Shortcuts app to automate your VPN connections for added convenience. In addition, you can sign in or create a new Surfshark account using your Google or Apple accounts, making the sign-in process easy. What’s more, you can link your existing Surfshark account to your Google or Apple account for a smoother transition.

Enhancing performance for Surfshark VPN’s additional applications

To ensure uninterrupted online security, Surfshark VPN has implemented a number of bug fixes and minor improvements for the Windows app 4.11.3, including VPN and antivirus features. The iOS 3.11.1 app also received performance fixes to improve the stability of your VPN connection. Android users can now enjoy improved server connectivity with the latest Android, which establishes faster VPN server connections.

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