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Vietnamese ownership of NFTs exceeds that of Americans and Singaporeans

Finder released a global poll on NFT ownership and interest, including Vietnam. Among the assessed economies, Vietnam has the greatest rate of NFT ownership.

Vietnamese ownership of NFTs exceeds that of Americans and Singaporeans

The Finder poll was done in 20 countries, and the top five economies with the most NFTs were the Philippines (32%), Thailand (26.6%), Malaysia (23.9%), the United Arab Emirates (23.4%), and Vietnam (17.4%). It can be noted that four of the top five economies are from Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, industrialized economies had low NFT ownership rates, with Japan at 2.2%, the United States at 2.8%, and Germany at 4%.

According to the survey, the percentage of people in Vietnam who intend to buy NFT in the future is greater than the global average, at 11.6% compared to 9.4%.

NFT is regarded as an asset class that appeals to young people, particularly those in Generation Z. It is also true for some adults in Vietnam. When compared to other economies around the world, Vietnam had a high percentage of adults who knew about NFT last year (at 37.7%). Meanwhile, Japan’s rate was only 10%, Germany’s was 17.4%, and the United Kingdom’s was 21.2%.

The favorable association between “owning NFT” and “knowing what NFT is” reflects NFT’s desirability. Coindesk says that everyone has a hobby of collecting things, which explains the appeal of NFT. Furthermore, it is a sort of digital asset that might generate profit due to the scarcity of the asset.


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According to a survey conducted by Statista in 2021, the number of people who believe the NFT value would rise is larger than the percentage who believe it will not rise or fall in some Southeast Asian economies, with the exception of Singapore.

With the exception of Thailand and Venezuela, most of the remaining economies have a higher proportion of males than women owning NFTs. With a gap of 10.3%, Vietnam ranks second only to the United Arab Emirates among the world’s economies.

NFT is a blockchain-based digital asset that is a record of transactions between connected computers. The blockchain functions as a public ledger, allowing anybody to verify the NFT’s and its owner’s legitimacy.

Each NFT has a unique digital signature that distinguishes it from other infinitely replicable digital things. They’re commonly bought using virtual money or US dollars, and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain.


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