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Atlas VPN wraps up 2023 with major upgrades and innovations

Atlas VPN concludes a transformative 2023 with major enhancements, including 10Gbps servers, a groundbreaking “buy now, pay later” offer, and redesigned privacy tools. The year saw expanded user options, server upgrades, and a commitment to top-notch performance.

Atlas VPN wraps up 2023 with major upgrades and innovations

Kicking off the year with a bang, Atlas VPN introduced lightning-fast 10Gbps servers, ensuring a seamless and speedy experience for users. Windows users received a handy VPN Pause feature, and a groundbreaking “buy now, pay later” offer was rolled out for US users in March.

The momentum continued into Q2 with a series of user-centric improvements. Server maintenance notifications were extended to iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. The payment landscape expanded to include iDeal for users in the Netherlands, offering more choices for seamless transactions.

In a major overhaul, Atlas VPN bid farewell to SafeBrowse and welcomed Shield, an advanced tracker blocker. The Android app’s server list received a facelift, aligning with the iOS upgrade in Q2 and ensuring a refreshed interface for users.

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Closing the year on a high note, Atlas VPN expanded its reach to the Apple TV platform, allowing users to secure their streaming traffic effortlessly. The addition of ApplePay to the payment options added another layer of convenience. Alternative sign-in options were introduced for iOS and Android, simplifying the onboarding process. Under the hood, the development team implemented numerous performance optimizations to maintain the service’s reputation for ultra-fast speeds.

Atlas VPN’s 2023 journey has been marked by a commitment to speed, user experience, and cutting-edge privacy tools. As the year concludes, Atlas VPN stands as a beacon of innovation, ready to continue providing secure and accessible digital protection in the years to come.