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Four reasons why Crypto is still a smart investment

Decentralization, security, rapid innovation, and asset control all contribute to Crypto being a worthwhile investment. This field offers more than the loud minority of get-rich-quick schemes and scandals that dominate media coverage. Meanwhile, the world economy continues to accept, adopt, and adapt to Cryptocurrency, with no indications of slowing.

Four reasons why Crypto is still a smart investment

The decision to invest in the emerging Crypto market can be intimidating. On the one hand, the number of businesses accepting Cryptocurrency payments continues to expand, as does the number of nations that recognize tokens as legal tender. However, the volatility of Cryptocurrencies makes the investment uncertain and difficult for some. To understand why people are still investing in Cryptocurrency, it is necessary to return to the basics.

Cryptocurrencies have a few essential characteristics that are unique to this asset class. Decentralization, security, quick technological progress, and the ability to entirely control one’s assets are the most significant aspects of the Crypto ecosystem that investors should be aware of.

1. Decentralized administration
Decentralization is the most powerful element of crypto, and it is essential for security, speed of innovation, and asset control. True open-source decentralized systems are more resilient to attack vectors and tend to discourage bad or irrational actors. To conduct any change to the protocol, the Bitcoin network, for example, requires the majority of miners (those contributing computational power to the network) to all use the same updated client software. In other words, the chain contains a pseudo-anonymous democratic structure that prevents groups of bad or irrational individuals from causing harm to the system.


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2. Safety
The Bitcoin network is the world’s most secure payment network, having never been hacked. Since its beginning, every transaction has been updated and stored across many anonymous nodes all over the world. The encryption algorithm used to secure the network, SHA256, has never failed. This contrasts with the history of exploitation of the SWIFT global banking network, which continues to this day. Some think that quantum computers are a coming threat that might potentially undermine the Bitcoin network’s encryption. However, we’re a long way from this hypothetical circumstance, and quantum resistance will almost certainly be introduced to keep it from becoming a viable danger.

Another frequently mentioned vector is a 51% assault, which includes a bad actor gaining control of a crypto network by donating more than 51% of the processing power. To put this in context, either 51%of miners would have to collude against their own financial interests, or a hostile entity would have to acquire more computational resources than the entirety of most countries – a resource allocation that would be far too expensive for anyone to profit from.

3. Innovation Speed
The Crypto sector is unusual in its speed of advancement due to its open-source structure, easily accessible money, and massive untapped possibility. To borrow an analogy from legacy technology, if we were using MS-DOS three years ago, we are now using Windows 98. It’s one of the only fields where a bright 19-year-old can raise tens of millions of dollars from governments all around the world and, a year later, establish a billion-dollar protocol.

4. Asset Management
Another appealing matter of Cryptocurrencies is the opportunity for an investor to claim complete control over their digital assets. Because Crypto assets do not require a centralized body to acknowledge ownership, simply safeguarding your private keys (the string of characters that define who owns what) means you are free to do whatever you want with your Crypto. In times of crisis, the opportunity to keep your assets without fear of the banks collapsing is invaluable. It is the only precious asset that allows one to flee a war-torn country with billions of cash just by remembering 12 words (referred to as a seed phrase).

And one more expert advice: don’t just read; Go to sites where people actually talk about cryptocurrency (on or offline). Pose questions to them and even play devil’s advocate with them. People enjoy proving each other wrong because it is an extremely effective means of getting directed to facts, truth, or good viewpoints.


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