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Indonesian investors are going into Cryptocurrency

According to a Gemini research, Indonesian investors are going into Cryptocurrency

Indonesian investors are going into Cryptocurrency

What is the Indonesian term for growth stock? In Jakarta, where may one find the Nasdaq’s equivalent?

That is a deceptive question. While Indonesia is home to many intriguing companies, the Jakarta stock exchange is a dull place to visit. The IDX80, a Jakarta stock exchange index comprising the top 80 companies, has dropped around 3% in the last five years. For the same time span, Taiwan’s TAIEX is up roughly 77%, and Korea‘s KOSPI is up 25%.

If you’re a young Indonesian in the country’s rising middle class wanting to accumulate money, these aren’t the kinds of returns you desire. The fact that Indonesians are heavily invested in Cryptocurrency is no longer news; Crypto investors outnumber retail stock traders in the country. However, new study from the Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini helps quantify how serious their curiosity is.

According to Gemini’s statistics, 41% of all Indonesians own Cryptocurrency, with male and female ownership split evenly at 49-51%. The country’s relatively high ownership rate makes it an outlier, as the survey indicated that better-income countries have higher levels of crypto ownership. In comparison, the United Kingdom has 40%, Germany has 43%, and France has 62%.
This is a brand-new phenomenon.

In 2021, 41% of poll respondents purchased Cryptocurrency for the first time.


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Aside from the stock market’s inability to provide prospects for wealth accumulation, everyone is concerned about inflation. According to Gemini’s survey, 64% of Indonesians feel Cryptocurrency is a hedge against inflation, and 61% believe it is the future of money. In comparison, barely 20-23% of individuals in most of Western Europe share this viewpoint.

Many people in emerging nations including Indonesia skipped past PCs totally because their first “personal computer” was their smartphone, according to those who cover the PC and mobile phone industries. Similarly, telecommunications companies did not invest in widespread copper phone line installation. Instead, 3G towers were built first, followed by 4G in the mid-2010s, providing enough bandwidth to the typical individual.


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