Nvidia GTC: Huang teases Hopper, H100 GPU successors

Nvidia GTC 2024: anticipating the AI giant big conference

Nvidia’s (NVDA) phenomenal rise continues, with shares up 267% in the past year. CEO Jensen Huang is set to unveil the company’s future at the annual GTC conference, teasing successors to their groundbreaking Hopper and H100 products.

Nvidia GTC 2024: anticipating the AI giant big conference

Nvidia (NVDA) is on a remarkable streak, with its stock soaring 267% in the past year and 79% this year alone. Its CEO, Jensen Huang, is as sought after as a world leader.

This Monday, Huang will ignite Nvidia’s annual GTC conference in San Jose, California, revealing the company’s next moves. Last year, Nvidia introduced the game-changing Hopper graphics architecture and H100 GPU, now pivotal for AI models. This year, we anticipate the unveiling of their successors, known as Blackwell and B100, promising even greater performance, particularly for models like OpenAI’s GPT-3.


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Nvidia is also expected to showcase advancements in its CUDA software, crucial for tapping into GPU power. There’s significant buzz around Nvidia’s potential launch of the H20 AI chip for the Chinese market, offering an alternative to the restricted H100 and H200 chips due to US concerns about potential misuse.

This conference promises to be an exciting glimpse into Nvidia’s future, with innovations that could reshape the landscape of AI computing.


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