Surfshark Starter: Alternative ID for Security

Surfshark empowers users: alternative ID now included in starter bundle for enhanced online security

Surfshark, a leading provider of online security solutions, is ringing in the new year with an exciting enhancement for users. As of now, the Starter bundle includes the innovative Alternative ID, allowing users to establish a fresh online identity and secure an alternative email address. This strategic move aims to empower users with added privacy and protection in their online activities.

Surfshark empowers users: alternative ID now included in starter bundle for enhanced online security

As we step into the new year, Surfshark is excited to bring extra perks to its users. January signifies a time for resolutions and a dedication to improvement, and in line with this spirit, Surfshark is pleased to declare the integration of Alternative ID into the Starter bundle!

Alternative ID, an exclusive offering from Surfshark, constructs a new online identity alongside an alternative email address. Simply provide the details for the identity you wish to create, and Surfshark will generate a fresh profile with an email address, ensuring the protection of your true identity.


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Until recently, Alternative ID was limited to the Surfshark One and Surfshark One+ bundles. However, starting now, it is accessible to all users – both new and existing – across all bundles! Starter bundle users can now strengthen their personal information with the enhanced security of Alternative ID. Employ it during website registrations, and set it up to forward messages to your primary email address. If it becomes overwhelmed with spam, easily generate a new alternative email for a clean slate.

Enjoy the flexibility of managing up to three different alternative email addresses, with the freedom to create an unlimited number of online personas. The best part – this feature is seamlessly included in your subscription at no extra cost. Elevate your online privacy and security with Surfshark’s Alternative ID, now a standard offering in the Starter bundle!

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