Surfshark: QR code login, antivirus, Linux app on Snap Store

Surfshark VPN updates: QR code login, antivirus scanning, Linux app on Snap Store, and more

Discover the latest enhancements from Surfshark, including QR code login for faster access, the return of Antivirus scanning, availability of the Linux app on the Snap Store, and being named Tech Advisor’s VPN Choice for 2024.

Surfshark VPN updates: QR code login, antivirus scanning, Linux app on Snap Store, and more

Here are the latest updates from Surfshark:

  • Introducing the new account overview: Surfshark has revamped its apps and websites, now featuring an improved account dashboard. This makes it even easier for users to track their subscriptions and view their products at a glance.
  • QR code login for faster access: Enjoy faster and easier login across more platforms with the new QR code login feature. Simply scan the QR code displayed on a device where you’re already logged in to add new devices to your account. This feature is now available on Windows 5.6.0, Android 3.6.0, and macOS 4.13.0.
  • Antivirus right-click scanning returns: Surfshark has reintroduced the Antivirus feature by popular demand. After updating your Windows app to version 5.6.0, you can right-click on any file and choose “Surfshark Antivirus” to scan for potential threats.


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  • Enhanced Ad blocking with CleanWeb 2.0: Upgrade to the latest Surfshark browser extension (version 4.1) on Chrome and Edge for improved ad blocking. If you encounter ads on a specific website that aren’t blocked, use the new report button to notify Surfshark, and they’ll work to resolve the issue promptly.
  • Surfshark Linux app on the Snap store: Exciting news for Linux users! The official Surfshark app is now available on the Snap Store. Surfshark is gradually expanding its support to cover more distributions and stores. To find and install the app, visit
  • Tech Advisor Editors’ Choice for 2024: Surfshark VPN has been awarded the Editor’s Choice badge by Tech Advisor for 2024. This recognition is due to Surfshark’s ability to connect unlimited devices with a single subscription, exceptional service speeds, a strict no-logs policy, a global server infrastructure, and more.

These updates bring enhanced convenience, security, and recognition for Surfshark users in 2024.

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