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Meta Bitcoin global meetup series starts in Thailand

First global Meta Bitcoin meeting kicks off in Thailand and will take place in over 20 countries.

Meta Bitcoin global meetup series starts in Thailand

The meeting took place in Thailand in Bangkok on June 5, 2022 during the second month of Meta Bitcoin mining, which is based on the Bitcoin token economy founded by Metasatoshi Nakamoto.

Meta Bitcoin is based on the same token economy as the Bitcoin ecosystem: total supply of 21 million, 50 MBTC for 10 minutes of initial mining reward, 4-year halving, etc., and both fund and miners start their mining on fair terms.

NFT Miner can be bought online and it is easy to mine through it at any time, and the advantage is that you can easily sell the NFT miner at any time. NFT Miner, released during the transition from hardware to software and WEB3, said, “The initial barrier to entry is low and can be mined under the same conditions as the base, which is why Meta Bitcoin is so popular that it is called the second bitcoin.”


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At a meeting in Thailand, representatives of the Meta Bitcoin Foundation said,“Bitcoin (BTC) is difficult to mine, there are electricity costs, other additional restrictions, and currently only 2 million BTC can be mined, so it’s a burden to mine directly. However, Meta Bitcoin can be easily mined by anyone, so it is very affordable, and it can also solve the environmental problems caused by bitcoin mining mentioned by Elon Musk.” Adrian Aurelius, co-founder of the Meta Bitcoin Foundation, stated: “Like the Bitcoin Foundation, our job is to help the community and ecosystem thrive. Just as the Bitcoin community has voluntarily made great achievements, Meta Bitcoin will also grow based on the community and Thailand will be one of them.”

In addition to Thailand, where the first global meeting took place, the meeting will be hosted in over 20 countries where Meta Bitcoin holders currently live. Australia will be next, followed by Korea, Japan, China, the US, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

At a time when the influence of the Dubai cryptocurrency industry is growing, attention is being paid to where the Meta Bitcoin project, which was invested by the first Royal Crypto Fund in the UAE, will lead.


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